Critical mass

Critical mass

It takes place every last Friday of a month. People gather in the very center of Poznan, where they start their drive through the streets of the city from. They shout slogans such as: ROWER POWER (Bike power)! and POZNAN - A CITY FOR BIKES!
"...Even if in the beginning they will be only a handful of people, who would know whether in several thousands years' time people tired with cars' exhaust gases, noise, forcing through metal boxes and risking their lives every time they want to turn left (UK: right) . Maybe thanks to this action we will live to the times of safe bicycle roads and silence zones, where the car "will not be smoking in our face".

With every action there are more and more participants. Currently, around 500 bikers gather at the actions. It is a continuation of a long struggle for bicycle roads in out city.

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