Freedom Fighters #11

Freedom Fighters #11

  • Freedom Fighters Crew
  • czwartek, 20 czerwiec 2019
On 15-16.06 weekend 11th Freedom Fighters league took place. Fighters and spectators came from numerous european (and not only) cities – we had them from Germany, Czech rep, Holland, Belgium, England and Greece. We had also a competitor from New Zeland, who won his fight and set new FF arrival distance record :).
This year 10 fights took place on our DIY made ring – half of them K-1 Rules, 3 BJJ (2 Gi and 1 No-Gi), 1 MMA and 1 Boxing. Despite noone used helmet this time, so that the matches were more close to pro-am rules, our medic didn't have to intervene too often – thank you very much anyway! Only two kickboxig matches zaist stopped before time, but it was close few times especially in one heavyweight bout.

After the fights our guests from Athens presented the movie and led a discussion about current political situation in Greece and impact of Golden Dawn neo-nazis on it. Afterparty was served by 210 DJ collective.
Another Peter Irving's Muay Thai seminar was conducted on Sunday. Of course he was a referee on the fights and before he was also touring Germany and Poland with seminars. Champion from Newcastle focused on different catches of roundhouse kicks so important for this style and then was working on clinch game with around 25 participants, 3 of which were fighting day before (applause!). After Muay Thai he coached a spontaneous BJJ seminar. Thanks a lot!

Whole event was marked by campaign to defence Rozbrat squat. Here idea of organising FF leagues was born, here we run trainings daily, our mission is to make the movement coming from this place stronger. We will do everything what we can to preserve it. Rozbrat Stays!

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